Transnational Competence Center – International Network Platform and Competence Center for Social Farming

The Transnational Competence Center provides a platform for linking the stakeholders in social farming. As a result of the project "Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe – Social and Organic Impacts on Organic Farms" research institutes, educational establishments and associations from Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany have raised the topic of social farming to a European level, established and consolidated networks at national and international level and exchanged their experiences. The network of project partners forms a stable basis for the European network activities. Through the Transnational Competence Center we aim to create the opportunity to establish contacts throughout Europe and to learn from each other in order to advance the movement for social farming at a national as well as international level.

Another outcome of the MAiE project is the option for teachers to download a curriculum of further education materials for training farmers in social farming. Further training information, a variety of materials and a literature pool is available in a password protected area. Access can be obtained upon application by contacting: