Network structure care farming in the Netherlands

Network structure care farming in the Netherlands The federation ‘Federatie Landbouw en Zorg’ is a Dutch branch organization for agriculture and care. The federation professionalizes the sector, and facilitates regional organizations regarding care farmers, and is the central point of contact for stakeholders. The federation connects agriculture and care, stimulating cooperation’s between the stakeholders. It also stimulates innovative developments creating a successful future. The following organizations are members of the Federation:

1. Vereniging Zorgboeren Groningen
2. Zorgboeren Fryslan
3. Stichting Zorgboeren Drenthe
4. Zorgboeren Overijssel
6. Vereniging Zorgboeren Oost-Gelderland
7. Vereniging Zorgboeren Rivierenland
8. LLTB (association of farmers)
9. ZLTO (association of farmers)
10. Vereniging Zorgboeren Zuid-Holland
11. Zorgboeren Zuid-Holland
12. Vereniging Utrechtse Zorgboeren
13. Zorgboeren Flevoland
14. Stichting Landzijde
15. LTO-Noord (association of farmers)


The federation is a counter for all questions regarding agriculture and care, and spreads useful information. As this also brings agriculture and care stakeholders in close contact and collaborations. Lastly, the organization wants to create new developments and find the solutions to common problems.

The federation is a national coordination point. Essential factors:

  • Support of care farmers
  • Expertise centre
  • Strategic tasks
  • Nationally embedded

Products and services:

  • Quality systems
  • Helpdesk
  • Invoices/billing

Wie zijn we

De Federatie Landbouw en Zorg is de landelijke brancheorganisatie voor de sector Landbouw en Zorg. Ze professionaliseert de sector, faciliteert regionale organisaties van zorgboeren en is aanspreekpunt voor stakeholders. De Federatie Landbouw en Zorg brengt landbouw- en zorgpartijen bij elkaar, stimuleert hen tot samenwerken en is de aanjager van nieuwe perspectiefvolle ontwikkelingen.

Federatie Landbouw en Zorg
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