Italien Competence Center for Social Farming

The Italian Competence Centre on Social Farming is a service that is structured as a one- stop information providing information, advice and training on Social Farming (SF) for farmers, social and institutional workers in order to extend, consolidate and give continuity to the agricultural and social practices of the territory as tools for a new kind of participated Welfare and a new type of agriculture. The Competence Centre is aimed at providing a service of welcoming, information and consultation of documents to the people involved in SF activities in order to increase the level of awareness and the opportunities of choices and to direct requests to the intervention areas considered most appropriate. Particularly the Service is providing advice on the following topics:

  • Support on how to start an agricultural and social business: funding, the laws of reference of agricultural, social and health sector, the type of company (public, private, social cooperative, association), the structure, the productions more suitable, relations with the territory (other institutional, health, social and agricultural realities), the building and strengthening of networking;
  • Link between the needs of people with different types of disadvantage and job opportunities and social inclusion;
  • Activation and consolidation of networks with all stakeholders at local, national and international level (through the promotion of joint events to promote the current projects and activities, links on websites, meetings between realities involved in SF projects, farming for health movement etc.)
  • Promotion/ dissemination of events, projects and actions related to the SF at European and national level during fairs, markets, meetings and events and related communication activities.

Largo Dino Frisullo s.n.c.
c/o Citta dell atra economica, Palazzina M1
00153 Roma
Phone: +39 0645437485
Fax: +39 0645437469
Cellulare segreteria 393-9131841