German Competence Center for Social Farming

Inspired by the European Community Farming for Health and based on several research projects in 2009 the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Landwirtschaft (DASoL) (German Association for Social Farming) was founded. Its aim is to be a forum of exchange for the diversity of social farming and its future development.

The DASoL supports networking among lots of initiatives and farms by thematic and regional working groups across Germany. It strives for gathering the actors’ intentions and demands and wants to make the variety of social farming in Germany visible. Furthermore, the DASoL is engaged in research and training activities. Its website offers a tool to search for more than 100 social farms in Germany. The DASoL is managed by the NGO PETRARCA (European Academy for landscape culture).

Contact: Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Soziale Landwirtschaft (DASoL):