Finnish Competence Center for Social Farming

contact: Green Care Finland:

  • 6-8 board meetings per year – in different places / organizations

  • the association has 100 members and its website has about 500 users (2013)

  • the association has 10 board members (and 10 deputies) with different professional backgrounds: 2 from research institutes, 1 from university, 1 from The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners, 2 from the Association of Rural Entrepreneur’s Advisory Centers, 1 from an umbrella organization for Christian organizations, 1 from a vocational institute, 1 from vocational high school, 1 from the Network of Finnish Nature Entrepreneurs, 11 entrepreneurs (including farmers) having their own Green Care-business. hallituksen kokoonpano ja yhteystiedot

  • the board members are able to answer a wide range of questions concerning Green Care or to link Green Care stakeholders with each other – because they have a wide range of professional backgrounds

  • the association arranges a two- day Green Care-conference each year
  • all possible information concerning Green Care is available on the website, which provides news about events and latest news among Green Care in Finland, a virtual network , aquestion – answer service, blog-pages and group-discussion pages