Competence Centre for Social Farming in Europe

The competence centres for Social Farming act regionally at a national level. The MAiE project partners from Finland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany illustrate where advice and networking centres for social farming are located in each of the partner countries. Some of the project partners have set up a Competence Centre during the course of the project while other partner countries such as e.g. the Netherlands and Finland already had well-developed networking and advisory structures in the area of Green Care.

What does a Competence Centre for Social Farming do? A Competence Centre may have different functions and aims, depending on the needs in different parts of Europe and also within the different regions of a country. The range of functions may cover the following topics:

  • Networking amongst the stakeholders in Social Farming at regional and national level,
  • Dissemination of information about social farming,
  • Raising awareness in the institutions involved in social work and political lobby groups on the added value of social farming,
  • Provision and distribution of the framework syllabus for qualification in "Social Farming" and appropriate materials and
  • Support for networking at the European level.