"Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe – Social and Ecological Impacts on Organic Farms"

Multifunctional Agriculture can be found throughout Europe at different stages in terms of quality and quantity. It incorporates various fields of agriculture combined with other farming activities. In this project our focus is on Social Farming. What has been lacking until now is a high-quality, European-wide network and coaching model involving know-how in the social, health-care, justice, education and organic agriculture sectors. With the development of a further education couse „Social Farming“, adressed to farmers, Social Farming is starting to become a serious movement. Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterInfos...

6-9 November, fourth transnational meeting in Rome

From November the 6th to the 9th, the MAiE partnership will attend the fourth transnational meeting in Rome. The meeting will be held in the social cooperative “Agricoltura Nuova”, an organic and biodynamic social farm of 350 ha, that carries out several activities such as teaching farm, catering, horse riding, Ethical Purchasing Groups, events etc.. The farm is located inside of the Agro Romano, an agricultural area in the Municipality of Rome and it involves in Social Farming activities people with medium and light disabilities (such as immigrants, refugees or people with physical disability).

During the meeting the partners of the project will address the following issues:

  • Development of the ECVET curriculum

  • Networking and Competence Centre in Social Farming (National and transnational virtual Centres)

  • Ideas and concepts of the Summer School of October 2013 in Portugal

The meeting will be organized by the Italian partner, AIAB -Italian Association for Organic Farming, which is a non-profit association that brings together farmers, practitioners, experts, researchers and consumers. It is organized in regional chapters (18) coordinated by a Federal Office located in Rome. AIAB promotes organic farming to producers and consumers as a model of rural development and, together with local administrations, supports the development of services to producers and consumers of organic products. The association promotes information on correct nutritional education. AIAB conducts painstaking and intense activity on Social Farming. It has carried out several projects supported by the Ministry of Labour and Justice promoting the employment of prison detainees in the agriculture sector. Furthermore, it has implemented several other projects aimed at promoting the products of organic and social farming.

MAIE-partners met in Finland on April 10.-13.2012

The third transnational meeting of MAIE-project was arranged in Finland strait after Eastern in April. Almost all the partner countries were represented in the meeting. The meeting took place in Tuusula, at a cosy family hotel Krapi on the Lake of Tuusula, which was still on the ice. Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenster[mehr Infos...]

BIOFACH 2013 - report

The World Organic Trade Fair - BIOFACH , in Nuremberg, was held from 13th to 16th of February  and, this year, the AIAB (Italian Organic Farming Association), organized the Conference  Multifunctionality in Organic Farming: the added value of social farming. Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterInfos...