CERCICA - Cascais Disabled Citizens Education and Rehabilitation Cooperative

CERCICA (Cooperativa para a Educação e Reabilitação de Cidadãos Inadaptados de Cascais) is a Solidarity Cooperative with public service corporation status, established since 1976. Has a complementary role in education, training and professional rehabilitation, relatively to public sector. CERCICA’s mission is to promote the quality of life and inclusion of persons with intellectual handicap, in a professional context of excellence and sustainability, as st rategic partners of the families, publicentities, entrepreneurs and other actors of our society.

The mission of the institution is to provide, on a professional context of excellence the quality of life and the inclusion of people with mental handicaps and other disabilities, being a strategic and nuclear partner for families, public entities, stakeholders and other social actors.

CERJARDINS is a social enterprise created in 2001 by CERCICA. Provides gardening services to the community, plant production andenvironmental and social education. Has as main purpose to professionalize underprivileged people in any situation of social and professional disadvantage, based on a personal plan of employment, with the purpose of (re)integration in the labor market.

Since 2006 CERCICA has created one group of disable citizens that are professionals, now days, in all tasks of plant production. This group is responsible for the production of many of the plants that are on the gardens of the city of Cascais, and this work is identified and recognized by the local community. It also will be responsible for the production of organic horticultural plants for the urban kitchen gardens of Cascais and Lisbon. CERCICA provides occupational activities for citizens with more handicaps related with gardening and horticulture activities (Green Care).

Since 2009 CERCICA has developed one project of environmental education, consisting on visits of schools to the kitchen gardens, greenhouses and also other ateliers of fire arts, handcrafts, etc. This project provided the opportunity to local school children to know, admire and work with handicap citizens. Now days the projected evolutes to different ones: Farming School (in CERCICA); Schhol Kitchen Gardens (local schools); The Kitchen Garden Tea Time (other institutions).

Our main services/activities are:

  • Early Childhood Intervention for children with special needs (< 6 years)
  • Special Education and Inclusion Centre for children with special needs (6 - 18 years)
  • Professional Rehabilitation Cent re providing training programmes for people with disabilities (> 16y)
  • Vocational counselling and guidance for people with disabilities
  • Occupational activity centre for people with disabilities that are unable to incorporate the job market (> 16y)
  • Suppor ted accommodat ion for people with disabilities (> 16y)
  • In-home services for elderly people. This service started as a social enterprise.
  • Health & Wellness services for the community
  • Gardening social enterprise
  • Cercica Publ ishing House with children`s books accessible to all children.

Rua Principal, nº 320 / 320 A – Livramento
2765-383 ESTORIL
Phone: (+351) 21 465 85 90
Fax: (+351) 21 466 13 07