AREA viva

AREA viva organization was founded in 2001 to support sustainable forms of agriculture and developement of rural areas, and to promote ecological (i.e. organic) agriculture in the Czech Republic. Since 2002, it is a member of the international volunteer exchange system called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) based in the UK. Since 2002, the organization began its active involvement in environmental education, too - mainly by organizing school excursions to an eco-farm near Prague with educational programme called "Know what you eat". As the headquarters of the association moved to western Bohemia in 2009, so did the focus of these activities. The asociation is a legal entity according to the czech law - a voluntary nongovermental nonprofit civil association founded under the law 83/1990 Sb.

Forms of activities of the association

  • Organizing educational and training programmes.
  • Organizing excursions to aco-farms for broad public.
  • Publishing of leaflets and publications on ecological agriculture, organic products, sustainable cultural landscape and developement of the countryside.
  • Organizing campaigns and edifying activities to support ecological agriculture.
  • Supporting WWOOF.
  • Cooperation with similar nonprofit organizations in other countries.

The goals of the association

  • To promote and support ecological agriculture and organic food.
  • To support the creating of cultural landscape and to take care of it.
  • To contribute to the conservation of our environment and the restoration of our cultural heritage and countryside.
  • To support the creating of civil society by bringing near towns and countryside.
  • To educate broad public on the issues of ecological agriculture, ecology and the countryside.
  • Advisory service concerning ecological agriculture, landscape design and related activities.

AREA viva
Valec c.p.7 - 364 55
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 776 345 521
Fax: +420 775 272 678