LEI Institute

Creating knowledge today for a better tomorrow. LEI develops economic expertise for government bodies and industry in the field of food, agriculture and the natural environment. By means of independent research, LEI offers its customers a solid basis for socially and strategically justifiable policy choices.

LEI carries out its research in close consultation with clients and other concerned parties within society. LEI bases its expertise on thorough knowledge of the sector and the focused use of economic and other social scientific disciplines in this regard. The field of work encompasses the agricultural sector, fisheries, nature management and the use of the natural environment. All the links in the chain, fromconsumer to producer, are involved.

LEI collaborates with a great many scientific partners, both within the Netherlands and in other countries. LEI is part of UR (Wageningen University & Research centre), forming the Social Sciences Group with the department of Social Sciences of Wageningen University and Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation.

Our research fields:

Agriculture & Entrepreneurship
Social and economic choice processes of entrepreneurs in the agricultural complex

Regional Economy & Land Use
Regional development, the use of space, water and land and the regional economy

Market & Chains
Sustainable development of agricultural chains, food chains and markets

International Policy
Economic consequences of international policy for the development of the agricultural sector and rural space

Natural Resources
Sustainable management of fresh and salt water, soil, air, nature and landscape

Consumer &Behaviourbr
Sustainable changes in behaviour of consumers

More information: www.lei.wur.nl/uk
From this website it is possible to download the results of research published by LEI.

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