Innovative Project Character

Multifunctional Agriculture can be found throughout Europe at different stages in terms of quality and quantity. It incorporates various fields of agriculture combined with other farming activities. In this project our focus is on Social Farming. What has been lacking until now is a high-quality, European-wide network and coaching model involving know-how in the social, health-care, justice, education and organic agriculture sectors. With the development of a curriculum addressed to farmers, but also to other rural entrepreneurs from various sectors, Social Farming is starting to become a serious movement. Furthermore, a European-wide network, together with various different training materials, provides professional help for people working with different groups of people, such as the disabled.

The project starts with a preliminary analysis of the target group in order to identify their needs. The target group consists of farmers and trainers in the health, social work and justice sectors. The project partners with the greatest Social Farming experiences (e.g. IT, NL) aim to analyse the state-of-the-art in the Social Farming sector. By gathering existing information, tools, materials and projects in various countries, a basis for developing a curriculum will be created. Afterwards in cooperation with experts, the teaching curriculum will be established at a high-quality ECVET-level. Furthermore, it will be developed in eight different languages. During all work phases, we will cooperate with national Focus Groups consisting of professionals from the agriculture, social, health-care, justice and education sectors. We will also use an external evaluator to ensure the interdisciplinary approach, as well as the improvement of a stakeholders' network throughout Europe.

To guarantee that the results endure beyond the project period, to encourage the stakeholders' network and to make full use of the project outcomes, we will implement a summer school. We will establish one National and joint Transnational Virtual Competence Centre in each partner country. This online platform is intended to link the activities of national and European Multifunctional Agriculture movements.

Methodology to achieve the contents of the project:

  • Bottom-up approach with participatory inclusion of the target group in order to identify their demands.
  • Setting-up of national Focus Groups with representatives of different sectors to support the partners during the project.
  • Implementation of preliminary analysis supported by the Focus Group.
  • Use of effective online learning tools to design a curriculum of a transnational character.
  • Sustainable exploitation and European-wide dissemination of material by setting up several national and one web-based Transnational Virtual Competence Centre, linking relevant activities in the field of Multifunctional Agriculture and Social Farming.
  • Testing, exploitation and presentation of the material during a one-off summer school.

Target languages: English, German, Italian, Dutch, Finish, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian